Collage a Day – Love is Free #2

Love is Free #2 – 09/07/2012
Price: $60

Details:  8×10 collage art on stretched canvas. Created using acrylics, vintage papers and ink. This is an original work of art which arrives wired and ready for hanging. Signed and dated by myself, Tracy Reehal, on back of the canvas.

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Sea of Change

Recently I decided to take a brief hiatus from creating collage art.  This decision became eminent after  noticing the ever-growing stack of unfinished, half-painted canvases spread throughout my art area.  My act of creating on a whim was now feeling forced and controlled.  My consciousness, my ideas began controlling and influencing what I created – something I told myself would never happen.  With this realization, I sat my paint brush aside and turned my attention to the art of Polaroid and Pinhole photography. I would come back to those empty canvases when the time is right and not a moment sooner.   

After a few months break, I sat down to work on one of those unfinished canvases.  Well, my self-inflicted drought deemed to be suffice, as  I gave the once unfinished canvas a new name, in just one evening.  

18"x24" Sea of Change