Cherry Blossom – mixed media painting

I’ll be honest…I never really know where I am going with any of my paintings. I’m not sure how many artists will admit that, but this is what I love about abstract painting…you don’t need to know, you don’t need a plan.

My base layers usually start with a vintage newspaper clipping, book pages or vintage fabric, as in this particular painting. From there, I add layers of paints and sand down each layer only to add more paint, paper/fabric. Once I think the painting is finished, I cover it up with more paint and use a power sander to reveal all of the layers. I’m often surprised with the results. Cherry Blossom is one of those ‘happy’ surprises.

Trapped in Time – Original mixed-media abstract painting

I love how when you’re creating abstract art your current mood and emotions flow effortlessly onto the canvas.  This piece was created by layering acrylics, vintage papers and inks.  Visually this abstract may seem chaotic but for me it’s about emotions and letting go.  The original painting and digital download is available for purchase at my Etsy Shop .

trappedintimeTitle:  Trapped in Time
Size:  8″ x 10″

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