By nature, I feel a deep connection to art that seems lost, maybe a bit displaced and unattached to one specific medium. Though within these creations lies a beauty, an uncontaminated truth. A truth that speaks without words yet can stop one dead in their tracks – forcing one to reevaluate the meaning of life – how they live or don’t live.

I’ll be honest, I often lack any sense of direction in creating a new piece. I’m not sure how many artists will admit that, but this is what I love about abstract art…I don’t need to know; I don’t need to have a plan. I am free to go wherever my mind takes me. Using collage techniques, I start each piece by creating a solid foundation using vintage papers and fabrics. Not only does this add massive texture, but ‘history’ is implanted in an otherwise new work of art.

Abstract art, to me, is a buried treasure of sorts, waiting to be discovered, not only by the artist but by the viewer. For me, life’s message is most present in the abstract, in the absence of words. These abstractions are my guide to seeing, understanding, and living life. Inspired from within, using emotions as my guide, I create whimsical art that speaks not only from my soul but from those who have preceded us.