Sea of Change

Recently I decided to take a brief hiatus from creating collage art.  This decision became eminent after  noticing the ever-growing stack of unfinished, half-painted canvases spread throughout my art area.  My act of creating on a whim was now feeling forced and controlled.  My consciousness, my ideas began controlling and influencing what I created – something I told myself would never happen.  With this realization, I sat my paint brush aside and turned my attention to the art of Polaroid and Pinhole photography. I would come back to those empty canvases when the time is right and not a moment sooner.   

After a few months break, I sat down to work on one of those unfinished canvases.  Well, my self-inflicted drought deemed to be suffice, as  I gave the once unfinished canvas a new name, in just one evening.  

18"x24" Sea of Change




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