4 New Abstract Cases for iPhone and Galaxy

Bounce into Spring with these 4 new case designs for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.  I created the original art using alcohol inks.  All 4 designs are available for purchase at my Etsy Shop.  Shop now and save 15% on your total purchase.  At checkout, enter code:  FRESH.


Step into Spring with a Floral iPhone Case

A new collection of iPhone and Galaxy cases have arrived in my Etsy shop.  Just in time for Spring!  Also, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X cases are available.  Shop now and save 15% when you purchase a case from my Floral collection.  At checkout, enter code:  FRESH






Poison Mixed-Media Acylics and Paper


I’ll be honest, I struggled with this painting for quite some time. It had been sitting, unfinished for a few months when I finally came back to it. I ripped off the original layers only to add more layers and layers….about 5 to be exact! I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. The finished piece combines acrylics, oil pastels and vintage papers.